Dieting women should get extra calcium

July 18, 2000 in Nutrition Topics in the News, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, Weight Management, Women's Health

Dieting women should get extra calcium

If you're over 50 and trying to lose weight consider adding extra calcium to your diet.  Researchers find that as older women lose weight, they may lose some bone density as well.

In a study of 67 overweight postmenopausal women, researchers at the University of California, Davis found that over a one-year period, weight loss triggered a slight reduction in their bone density.

If you're overweight, losing body fat has many health benefits, which include a lower risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

If you are on a lower calorie diet, be sure to consume 1200-1500 milligrams of calcium each day and get regular weight bearing exercise as both help maintain bone density.

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