Blood vitamin C levels protective from all-cause mortality

March 6, 2001 in Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

Blood vitamin C levels protective from all-cause mortality

Results of a new study show that even a small increase in vitamin C intake can significantly reduce death rates from all causes.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge School in UK collected data on 19,496 men and women aged 45 to 79 years. Subjects were divided into categories based upon their blood concentrations of vitamin C. The subjects were then followed for about 4 years and causes of death documented. For both men and women with the highest blood levels of vitamin C, the risk of death due to all causes and heart disease was about 50% less than in subjects with the lowest vitamin C levels.

These findings suggest that eating more foods rich in vitamin C might have benefits for cardiovascular disease and all-cause death rates in men and women. The study results add to the large amount of evidence that lends support to the health benefits of fruit and vegetable intake. Small changes could have a large effect.

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