Dive into chives

May 10, 2001 in In Season & Other Fresh Foods

Dive into chives

The blossoms are popping, the spring flowers are blooming and if you're lucky, the chives are slowly poking their heads up in your garden. With the rush to get the more aromatic herbs such as basil, rosemary and oregano planted, the simple chive is often overlooked.

Although chives are considered herbs, they are actually cousins of leeks, garlic and onion but with bulbs so miniscule that only the green tops are eaten. With their light fragrance and mild onion flavor, chives play well with other harbingers of spring, especially asparagus, peas, soft-shell crabs, new potatoes and fresh morels.

Garlic chives, which arrive later in the season, are an Asian variety, with thicker, sturdier greens and a much more potent smell and taste. User-friendly, since there are no leaves to be plucked, chives only need to be rinsed and dried before you chop them.

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