Excess more common in beer than wine drinkers

November 12, 2002 in Nutrition Topics in the News

Excess more common in beer than wine drinkers

People who prefer wine are less likely to become heavy drinkers or to develop cirrhosis compared with those who prefer to drink beer. These are results of a large study conducted in Denmark.

After surveying a sample of 10,000 moderate drinkers over a 5-year period, the researchers concluded that women who preferred beer were 50% more likely to become excessive drinkers compared with those who drank wine. The probability of men who chose beer for becoming excessive drinkers was 81% higher compared with men who preferred wine.

These results may not be valid for all countries. There may be some local cultural reasons, or perhaps it is due to the chemical composition of wine, which is less pleasurable to drink in high amounts.

These findings do not imply that the best solution for cirrhosis is drinking wine. It says only that the risk of this alcoholic beverage is lower. The safest measure to protect the liver is avoid excessive drinking.

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