Quality of life for cancer patients improve with diet counseling

March 30, 2005 in Nutrition Topics in the News

Quality of life for cancer patients improve with diet counseling

Recent research suggests that individualized nutritional counseling for colorectal cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy, promotes better nutrition and less weight loss. Therefore, leading to a marked reduction in the severity of anorexia and diarrhea and improved quality of life.

Researchers compared the various effects of dietary counseling focused on regular foods with that of high-protein liquid supplements in addition to a regular diet or just a regular diet.

During the entire trial, including an intervention period and a 3-month follow-up period, significantly fewer patients in the counseling group than in the supplement group or the regular diet-only group experienced a decline in nutritional status (18 percent versus 50 percent and 90 percent, respectively).

Results indicated that individualized dietary counseling during radiotherapy, taking into consideration the patients' clinical condition and symptoms, was the most effective nutrition intervention.

Researchers conclude that individualized nutritional counseling seems to work better than just recommending supplemental protein-packed nutritional drinks. As a result, researchers recommend the integration of nutrition as part of a team approach for cancer treatment and patient management.

Researchers also observed beneficial effects of nutritional counseling in a group of patients with head and neck cancer undergoing radiotherapy.

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