Low-fat dairy may guard against diabetes

May 11, 2005 in Diabetes & Diabetes Prevention, Nutrition Topics in the News

Low-fat dairy may guard against diabetes

According to researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, men who include more low-fat dairy products in their diet may have a lower risk of developing diabetes. The 12-year study, which analyzed data from over 41,000 male participants, found that every added daily serving of low-fat dairy products was associated with a nine percent lower risk of diabetes.

While the most effective low-fat dairy product in the study was skim milk, authors warned against drastic changes based on these preliminary findings.  Researchers were not certain of the exact mechanism by which dairy products lowered the risk of diabetes, but whey protein and magnesium, two ingredients that are thought to interact with the body's use of insulin were considered.

Current recommendations to lower the risk of adult-onset diabetes include eating high-fibre foods and nuts and reducing the intake of sugar and sweets, as well as regular exercise.

According the Canadian Diabetes Association there are currently more than two millions Canadians living with diabetes.

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