A (Red Delicious) apple a day may keep the doctor away

May 25, 2005 in Cancer Prevention, Nutrition Topics in the News

A (Red Delicious) apple a day may keep the doctor away

Canadian researchers have found that certain varieties of apples, especially their peels, have potent antioxidant properties that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

According to researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Red Delicious, Northern Spy and Ida Red apples are among the varieties with the most potent disease-fighting antioxidants. In fact, some apples were found to have the equivalent of about 1500mg of vitamin C.

Polyphenols are major sources of antioxidants in apples, compounds that ward off the formation of cancer cells. To investigate the health benefits associated with the fruit, researchers evaluated the polyphenol activity in apples that are popular in Canada including Red Delicious, McIntosh, Cortland, Northern Spy, Ida Red, Golden Delicious, Mutsu and Empire apples. All of the apples used in the study were grown on the same farm under similar conditions.

Red Delicious apples had two times more antioxidant activity than Empire apples, which had the least activity of any of the apples studied.  These study findings also indicated that polyphenols were five times more prevalent in the skin than the flesh of the apples.

This latest research joins a growing body of evidence to suggest populations looking to improve health should consume more apples.

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