Tetra pak takes over

September 1, 2005 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Tetra pak takes over

Several new products have been introduced recently, all taking advantage of Tetra Pak's innovative, shelf-stable, environmentally-friendly packaging.

Organic Meadow has introduced single-serving (250 mL) sized Tetra Pak cartons of their certified organic, fair trade milk. The cartons require no refrigeration, so they are perfect for packing in lunches, and come in three varieties (all 2% MF): partly skimmed, chocolate and strawberry. They have a shelf life of up to six months with no refrigeration needed prior to opening. Once opened, the milk will keep for 20 days with proper refrigeration. www.organicmeadow.com

The thrill of organic, fair trade milk in Tetra Pak packaging notwithstanding, wine is now also available in this format (not that we're recommending this as another lunch-packing idea). French Rabbit Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay are all available in 1-litre Tetra Paks through the LCBO. The company (Boisset) promotes the Tetra Pak format as ideal because they're easy to carry, won't shatter and are perfect for the patio, pool, dock, and campsite.


Oh yeah, and while straws are included with the Organic Meadow milks, don't expect to find them with the French Rabbit cartons.

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