Dr. Phil faces lawsuit

October 5, 2005 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends, Nutrition Topics in the News

Dr. Phil faces lawsuit

Dr. Phil McGraw, the well-known talk show host, is currently facing a class action lawsuit against his weight loss products that were sold for almost a year in pharmacies, supermarkets and retailers such as Wal-Mart.

The lawsuit, based on his Shape Up! weight loss products that included shakes, bars and multivitamins, alleges that McGraw made false and misleading assertions for the supplements, including claims that they would cause weight loss by promoting metabolism of fat and reducing carbohydrate cravings and appetite swings.

The three dissatisfied customers who originally filed the suit are now seeking class- action status for the complaint, which could potentially expand the case to include thousands of plaintiffs.

CSA Nutraceuticals, the company that was producing the products, discontinued the line of weight loss aides after facing a Federal Trade Commission investigation into false-advertising concerns. CSA Nutraceuticals agreed to stop making the product early last year.

A judge is expected to rule on the case early next year.

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