It's clementine season

December 9, 2005 in Holiday Eating, In Season & Other Fresh Foods

It's clementine season

They make great stocking stuffers, they are easy and delicious snacks to pack for school or work, and everyone within sniffing distance knows when you're about to enjoy one. But did you know just how healthy a choice the clementine is?

The following information is provided by the Maroc Fruit Board.

  • 1 clementine (100 g) provides: 44 calories, 0.2 grams fat, 1.4 grams fibre and 0.7 grams protein. Not to mention potassium and vitamin C. Just two clementines meet your daily requirement for vitamin C and contribute 1 serving towards your 5-10 fruit and vegetable daily quota.

Tips on selecting the best clementines: Choose firm fruits with a fine-looking peel that sticks snuggly to the pulp. Clementines should be shiny – this typically means the rind will peel off easily. Go on, sniff them – the best clementines should have a rich and aromatic flavour.

Extra tips: You can enjoy Clementine juice if you have a citrus press. To maximize the amount of juice you get, warm them first: dip the clementines in boiling water for a few minutes or cut a few incisions in the peel and microwave them for a minute. Use the essential oils in the peel to eliminate unpleasant odours: place a few Clementine peels in a still-warm oven or on your kitchen range element. For a chilly treat, freeze separated segments and enjoy frozen.

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