U.S schools pull soda from vending machines

May 3, 2006 in Nutrition Topics in the News

U.S schools pull soda from vending machines

In an attempt to deal with the rising childhood obesity epidemic, a deal between beverage distributors and American schools will see only water, juice, milk and diet pop being sold in school vending machines.

This latest agreement means elementary and middle schools will only have unsweetened juice, low-fat milk and water while high schools will be allowed to sell diet pop. High schools will still be sold low-calorie drinks that contain less than 10 calories per serving, as well as drinks that are considered nutritious, such as juice, sports drinks and low-fat milk.

Whole milk will no longer be offered to any schools because of its calorie content.

The deal follows a move by school districts and state legislatures to cut back on student consumption of pop amid reports of rising childhood obesity rates. Pop has been a target because of its caloric content and popularity among children.

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