No link found between high fat diet and skin cancer

June 14, 2006 in Cancer Prevention, Nutrition Topics in the News

No link found between high fat diet and skin cancer

Australian researchers report that a diet high in fat is not linked to an increased risk of skin cancer, and in some cases may even decrease the risk.

Researchers investigated the association between dietary fat and the risk of skin cancer in a population-based study of 652 patients with skin cancer and 471 "controls" who did not.

Participants completed a questionnaire to assess fat intake. Upon analysis of the data, the researchers found that higher fat intake and higher waist-to-hip ratios were associated with a reduced risk of skin cancers.

These findings do not support recent research that suggests decreased fat consumption leads to a slight decreased risk of skin cancer. Since researchers cannot identify the protective mechanism shown in this most recent study, further studies are needed to examine the relationship between dietary fat and skin cancer risk.

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