Magnesium supplements might guard against heart disease

August 2, 2006 in Heart Health, Nutrition Topics in the News, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements

Magnesium supplements might guard against heart disease

Recent study findings suggest that a daily magnesium supplement could reduce the levels of inflammation that lead to heart disease in people with low dietary intake of the mineral.

Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina suggest that c-reactive protein (CRP), a pro-inflammatory cytokine, is affected by magnesium supplementation. Increased CRP levels are associated with inflammation. Chronic inflammation is associated with a range of related diseases, including cardiovascular disease.

Researchers used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and focused on over 10,000 people. Dietary intakes were quantified from 24-dietary recalls, which may not have adequately described the typical diet of the persons and also rely on personal reporting, which may be subject to under or over-estimation by the participants.

People with a total (dietary plus supplements) magnesium intake below the RDA were found to be 40 per cent more probable to have elevated CRP levels.

Further prospective studies, and possible human intervention trials, are needed to extend the understanding of these relationships, and ultimately cardiovascular disease risk.

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