Health Check logo criteria being revised

January 24, 2008 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends, Healthy Eating, Heart Health, Nutrition Labeling

Health Check logo criteria being revised
Health Check has revised and lowered their sodium criteria for foods in the Mixed Dishes/Entrees category.

Additional changes have been made to the fat, trans fat, sugar, sodium and fibre criteria. The trans fat criteria are based on Health Canada's acceptance of the Trans Fat Task Force's recommendation that processed trans fat be limited to no more than 5% of total fat.

Breakfast cereals (30 g serving) must have less than 6 g of sugars - excluding sugars from pieces of fruit - unless there's more than 4 g of fibre.

Muffins and snack breads (55 g serving) must have less than 7.4 g total fat and less than 50% of calories from carbohydrate can be sugars.

The Health Check symbol on food packages and restaurant menu items means the food has been evaluated by the Heart and Stroke Foundation's dietitians and that it meets nutrient criteria based on Canada's Food Guide recommendations for healthy eating.

The program is not meant to help people mange existing heart health problems. Instead, it is goal is to help healthy Canadians identify foods that can be part of an overall healthy diet.  If you have heart disease, you should speak to a dietitian about managing your health.

Food manufacturers - or restaurants - must submit a nutrient analysis of their product or menu item, which is reviewed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation's dietitians.

If the product/menu item meets our nutrient criteria based on Canada's Food Guide, a licensing agreement is signed and an annual fee, geared to the company's size and sales, is paid to help cover the cost of operating this cost recovery program.

Products/menu items are subject to lab testing to make sure that meet the Health Check nutrition criteria.

Click here for full details on the new criteria for the Health Check logo.

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