Food aromas may help fight obesity

December 22, 2009 in Weight Management

Food aromas may help fight obesity

According to new study findings from Dutch researchers, the aromas released by food when its chewed may do more than make it taste good, it seems it may also play a role in preventing overeating.

In an attempt to combat global rates of obesity, food scientists have long looked for ways that food can trigger feelings of fullness and prevent overeating.  Until recently much of that research focused on how foods behave in the stomach after they’re eaten. But these latest findings suggest foods may be able to thwart overeating while it’s still in the mouth.

The study findings, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, report that aroma molecules that are released when food is chewed may be able to activate areas of the brain that signal fullness.    As for combating overeating – the researchers suggest several applications of their findings – including developing foods that deliver more hunger-quenching aroma, or developing aromas that have a more powerful effect on satiety.

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