Red wine may help women maintain a healthy waistline

March 9, 2010 in Nutrition Topics in the News, Weight Management, Women's Health

Red wine may help women maintain a healthy waistline
According to study findings published in the March issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, light to moderate alcohol consumption, most notably red wine, is not only good for a woman's heart, it may also help her keep her weight in check.

Researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston examined data on nearly 20,000 middle-aged and older women.  Researchers found that over time, women who drank alcohol in moderation put on less weight overall and were less apt to become overweight compared to non-drinkers.  This association was true, even after accounting for various lifestyle and dietary factors that might influence a woman's weight.

Red wine seemed best at keeping weight in check, but white wine, beer and spirits also had some benefit.

Over the 13-year study period, women who did not drink any alcohol gained an average of 8 pounds, compared with 3.4 pounds for those who consumed 30 grams of alcohol or more each day.

While the exact reason for the association remains unknown, researchers report that women who consumed more alcohol, also tended to eat less, particularly carbohydrates.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation warns that drinking too much of any type of alcohol can increase your blood pressure and contribute to the development of heart disease and stroke.  It recommends that adults limit themselves to no more than one or two standard drinks a day, to a weekly maximum of nine for women and 14 for men.

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