Pepsi to stop selling sugary drinks in schools worldwide

March 18, 2010 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends, Nutrition for Children and Teenagers, Nutrition Topics in the News

Pepsi to stop selling sugary drinks in schools worldwide
PepsiCo announced this week plans to voluntarily stop selling sugary drinks in primary and secondary schools around the world by 2012.

The move, prompted in part by an initiative developed by The World Heart Federation, is aimed at fighting rising childhood obesity rates around the world.

The World Heart Federation has been negotiating with global soft drink makers to try and halt the sales of high calorie beverages in schools for the past year.  Following their announcement this week, PepsiCo becomes the first major soda maker to adopt the policy worldwide.

While sugary drinks will be off the menu, the company will still supply water, fat-free or low-fat milk, and sugar-free juice in primary schools, as well as low calorie soft drinks, such as Diet Pepsi, in secondary schools.

Meanwhile, Coca Cola has announced it will stop selling its products in primary schools, unless parents or school authorities request them.  It also promised to offer a full-range of low-calorie beverages alongside regular soft drinks in secondary schools.

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