Snapshot of Canadian eating habits shows fruit and vegetable intake on the rise

June 1, 2010 in Healthy Eating, Nutrition Topics in the News

Snapshot of Canadian eating habits shows fruit and vegetable intake on the rise
If you've made efforts to boost your intake of fruits and vegetables, you're certainly not alone.  New study findings from Statistics Canada are showing that some aspects of Canadian eating habits are getting healthier.

Last year Canadians consumed more fruits and vegetables than they did the previous year.  They also consumed less red meat, and more fish.  In 2009 the average Canadian consumed 23.4 kg of red meat per year, down from a whopping 32 kg in 1981.

The amount of calories that Canadians consume is also on the decline.  In 2009 Canadians ate, on average, 2358 calories per day.  While that's only 5 calories less than the year before, it's almost 150 fewer calories per day compared to 2001.

It's not all-good news however; the same study found that while some things are looking up, Canadians are consuming more syrup and sugar than years prior.  Intake of calcium rich dairy products is also on the decline.

Despite the greater intake of fruits, vegetables and fish, and decrease of red meat - Canadians still need to continue to make healthy changes to their diet.  Currently one in four Canadians are obese, a sharp increase from 25 years ago.

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