Nestle to cut more sugar, salt, unhealthy fats in products

May 21, 2018 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends, Healthy Eating, Nutrition Topics in the News

Nestle to cut more sugar, salt, unhealthy fats in products

Nestle will make further cuts to the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fats in its products as it tries to improve the image of packaged foods in the eyes of health-conscious consumers. Nestle and its rivals are under pressure from a shift in consumer preferences toward healthier food and away from processed products such as instant noodles and frozen pizza. 

The food maker is responding with healthier products and is also moving into higher growth categories, such as coffee, pet care, bottled water and infant nutrition.

The company said it wanted to cut sugar by another 5 percent, on top of the more than 34 percent reduction achieved since 2000, and salt by another 10 percent in addition to the more than 20 percent saved since 2005. 

It also confirmed its commitment made in 2014 to reduce saturated fats by 10 percent in all relevant products that do not meet World Health Organization recommendations.

The trend toward healthier foods is going to be observed worldwide, the company’s CEP stated.

Food and drinks for children were a particular area of focus. Nestle launched more than 1,000 new products last year to meet the nutritional needs of children and would further enhance products for kids with fruits, vegetables, fibre-rich grains and micronutrients. Reformulating recipes to make its products healthier is part of Nestle’s effort to keep its products attractive for consumers. 

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