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Pumpkin Quinoa Muffins

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is an ancient grain from South America that can be used in place of rice in many recipes. Quinoa is easy to cook and can be eaten warm or cold. Thanks to psyllium, flaxseed and whole-wheat flour, these heart-healthy muffins…

Cinnamon Stovetop Oatmeal with Fresh Berries

Oats are an excellent source of soluble fibre, which helps prolong a feeling of fullness and keep LDL (bad) blood cholesterol levels in check. This recipe uses quick oats so it’s ready in less than 10 minutes, making it a perfect breakfast even for…

Field Berry Almond Pancakes

Thanks to whole grains and almonds, these hearty pancakes serve up a decent amount of fibre and protein, helping you feel satisfied throughout the morning. They're ideal for freezing and popping in the toaster for a quick weekday breakfast (or snack!).

Cinnamon Orange Quinoa Hot Cereal

Quinoa is higher protein, high fibre grain, making it an ideal breakfast that will hold you over until lunch. This thick whole grain porridge is delicious mixed with fresh fruit.

Quick Pomegranate Flax Porridge

This stick-to-your ribs cereal also tends to stick to your bowl. I recommend that you eat this as soon as it's prepared, and rinse your bowl when you're finished eating. Otherwise you'll need to muster up some elbow grease to get rid of all…

Carrot Walnut Bread

This delicious bread is a great way to increase your intake of alpha linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid in walnuts that's linked with protection from heart disease.

Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Carrots and Blueberries

It's hard to believe these muffins have only 150 calories per serving. They're moist, colourful and taste great! Be sure to use pure pumpkin purée, not pumpkin pie filling, to keep the calories and sugar in check.

Apricot-Almond Granola

Preheat oven to 350° F. Combine oats, almonds, and next 4 ingredients (through raisins) in a medium bowl. Combine honey and butter. Drizzle honey mixture over oat mixture; toss to coat. Spread mixture in a single layer onto a jelly-roll pan. Bake at…

Red Pepper and Asparagus Omelet

Sautéed red bell pepper, red onion and asparagus team up to deliver plenty of flavour and colour in this low-calorie omelet. Make it for breakfast, or enjoy it as a quick weeknight dinner when you’re short on time.

Cranberry Orange Flax Loaf

This loaf is incredibly moist and also low in fat – only 4 grams per slice. The ground flaxseed on top resembles brown sugar and gets a nutty flavour after baking.