Side Dishes

Side Dishes

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Tomato and Pomegranate Salad

This delicious recipe has summer written all over it. It's Yotam Ottolenghi's creation, an Israeli-British chef, cookbook author and restaurant owner. Try it, I think you will love it! (I add a little extra lemon juice.)

Spiced Chickpeas

I've been making this spiced chickpea recipe for years. They're delicious added to green salads, whole grain pilafs, or served as a side with grilled fish or chicken. The recipe comes from Recipe Tin Eats, Middle Eastern Chickpea Salad (I use a…

Roasted Broccoli

If you're looking for ways to get the kids (or adults!) in your family to eat broccoli, look no further! Roasting broccoli gives it a delicious nutty flavour and crispy texture. This recipe is a cinch to make.

Lemon Roasted Asparagus

Nothing says spring like fresh asparagus! Low in calories and packed with vitamin K, folate and vitamin C, asparagus is delicious roasted, grilled or steamed. Here it’s roasted with lemon juice, sea salt and pepper.

Balsamic Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is one of my favourite leafy green vegetables - it's a side I serve often. On the nutrition front, it's a superstar, packed with beta-carotene, lutein, bone-building vitamin K, magnesium and potassium.

Honey Dijon Carrots

This quick beta carotene-rich side dish feeds a crowd. If you're a mustard fan, try making this recipe with different variations of mustard, such as whole grain or honey Dijon.

Middle Eastern Rice (Mejadra)

I serve this delicious rice, from RecipeTin Eats, with chicken shawarma and Israeli salad. This dish typically includes crispy fried onions or shallots (which I am sure are a delicious addition) but I've skipped them here.

Sautéed Spinach with Lemon

This dish is an easy and tasty way to up your intake of leafy greens. It's loaded with bone-building vitamin K, folate, magnesium, potassium and lutein, an antioxidant that helps preserve vision as you age.

Oven Roasted Root Vegetables

This is a basic recipe for roasted vegetables - feel free to substitute or add any other root vegetables you have on hand. Before serving, add grated lemon zest for extra flavour.