Optimal Health & Nutrition Counselling Program

Optimal Health & Nutrition Counselling Program

Package Includes: Total of 7 visits scheduled over six to 12 months.
(Two 30-minute appointments plus five 15-minute follow up appointments. Appointments can be done in person, by phone or via Skype.)

The length of time between follow up appointments will depend you your goals and your schedule; this will be determined between you and Leslie.

  • Initial 30-minute Assessment to review goals, medical history, family medical history, blood work, current food intake, portion sizes, food preferences, restaurants/food courts frequented, supplement use, exercise habits, and body measurements. Blood tests can be done if needed.
  • Based on your assessment, Leslie then prepares a Personalized Meal Plan and Recommendations Report which is designed to help you achieve your specific diet and health goals.
  • A second 30-minute appointment to present during which Leslie presents your meal plan and nutrition recommendations.
  • Five 15-minute follow up visits. The frequency of follow up visits is flexible and will depend on your goals and the number of changes you are making. For weight gain you might check in with Leslie monthly; for weight loss you’ll likely follow up once every two weeks. As you change their eating habits and establish a new healthy routine, you may wish to stretch out the duration of follow up appointments to monthly or once every few months.

If your goals include lowering LDL cholesterol or blood glucose or increasing your nutrient status, Leslie can order blood work to assess your baseline and demonstrate your progress.

Leslie's Optimal Health & Nutrition Program has helped clients achieve many different goals including: weight loss, weight gain, sports peformance, healthy pregnancy and vegetarian eating as well as managing high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome (low FODMAP diet, food sensitivities), GERD (gastrointestinal esophageal reflux), inflammatory bowel disease.

Leslie's meal plan and one-on-one coaching has also helped clients who simply wanted to adopt healthier diet and feel more energetic.

Professional Fee: $790
Once you have completed your nutrition package, additional follow-ups can be added. Four follow-ups are $250.

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