Curried Hemp Cream of Cauliflower Soup


Curried Hemp Cream of Cauliflower Soup


Quantity Ingredients
3/4 cup Shelled Hemp Seed
3 cups water
4 cups cauliflower, chopped
2 large avocados
1/2 cup onion, chopped
1 tbsp tamari
2 cloves garlic
3 tbsp yellow curry
1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
5 medjool dates, pitted & chopped


Combine water and Shelled Hemp Seed in a blender. Blend on high until creamy and smooth. Add all other ingredients. Blend again until smooth.

You may need to help stir it if you do not have a strong blender. Pour the soup into a pot and warm it on the stove on low, stirring frequently.

This soup does not need to be cooked, just warmed to taste.