Orange Quinoa Salad

Side Dishes.

Orange Quinoa Salad


Quantity Ingredients
1/4 cup fresh orange juice
2 tbsp extravirgin olive oil
1 1/2 tbsp low-fat buttermilk
2 tsp honey
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 1/3 cups uncooked quinoa
2 3/4 cups water
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup thinly sliced green onions
1 cup sweetened dried cranberries
1/3 cup chopped fresh parsley
3 tbsp sliced almonds, toasted


To prepare dressing, combine first 6 ingredients in a small bowl; stir with a whisk until well blended.

To prepare salad, place quinoa in a large nonstick skillet; cook 4 minutes over medium heat, stirring frequently. Place quinoa in a fine sieve; place sieve in a large bowl. Cover quinoa with water. Using your hands, rub grains together for 30 seconds; rinse and drain. Repeat procedure twice. Drain well.

Combine quinoa, 2 3/4 cups water, and 1/2 teaspoon salt in a large saucepan; bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat; simmer 20 minutes or until liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat, and cool to room temperature. Stir in dressing, onions, and the remaining ingredients. Cover and chill.

Yield: 10 servings (1/2 cup each)

CALORIES 170 (28% from fat); FAT 5.2g (sat 0.6g,mono 3.1g,poly 1.1g); IRON 2.4mg; CHOLESTEROL 0.0mg; CALCIUM 34mg; CARBOHYDRATE 28.8g; SODIUM 245mg; PROTEIN 3.5g; FIBER 2.7g