Roasted Beets with Honey Balsamic Glaze

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The same pigment that gives beets their vibrant colour is also responsible for many of their health benefits thanks potent cancer fighting properties.  Preparing beets can be messy - use lemon juice to remove the stains that beet juice can leave on your hands, countertop and cutting board. 

Roasted Beets with Honey Balsamic Glaze


Quantity Ingredients
2 large beets, trimmed and peeled (about 1.8 lb/0.8 kg)
2 tbsp olive oil
1/8 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp honey


Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C).

Slice peeled and washed beets in half lengthwise; cut into ¼-inch slices.  Place beets in a large mixing bowl; toss with 1 tbsp olive oil and sea salt.  Arrange beets in a single layer on a baking sheet.  Place in the oven the bake until beets are firm, but can easily be pierced with a fork, about 45-55 minutes. 

Meanwhile in small saucepan whisk together 1 tbsp olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey.  Bring to a rolling boil over medium-high heat.  Remove from heat.

When beets are cooked, remove from oven and arrange on a serving dish; drizzle with honey balsamic glaze. Serve warm.

Serves 6. Per serving: 123 cal, 2 g pro, 5 g total fat (1 g saturated fat), 19 g carb, 3 g fibre, 0 mg chol, 154 mg sodium

Excellent source of: folate

Good source of: potassium

Low in saturated fat and cholesterol

Source: Leslie Beck's Longevity Diet