Web site about soy protein

October 31, 2000 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Web site about soy protein

Spurred by mounting interest in the health benefits derived from soy protein, The Solae Company, a DuPont business, has launched a new Web site www.suprosoy.com. The Web site features age-related health tips, nutrition news, background details on isolated soy protein, dietary considerations, disease prevention information, menu plans, and nearly 140 recipes.

The new Web site includes products from approximately 30 companies that represent a variety of beverages, food bars, meat alternatives, and tofu. It was designed to inform consumers about the benefits of consuming soy-based foods, including the areas of heart health, bone health and women's health. The site also will include new research that is related to cancer management and prevention.

At www.suprosoy.com visitors also can shop among virtual grocery store aisles to see the variety of sections where they might find soy protein-related products in their own local stores. Check it out!

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