What's Inside The No-Fail Diet?

What's Inside The No-Fail Diet?

Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Start the No-Fail Diet

  • Are You Ready to Lose Weight?
  • Why the No-Fail Diet?
  • The No-Fail Diet's Four Keys to Success
  • Setting Your Personal Weight Goal
  • Staying Motivated on the No-Fail Diet

Chapter 2: Getting and Staying Physically Active

  • What kind of exercise is best for losing weight?
  • What's the best time to exercise?
  • Tips for people who truly dislike exercising
  • How to stay motivated on your fitness program

Chapter 3: Foods for Health & Longevity

  • Choose foods lower in saturated fat
  • Choose foods that contain little or no trans fat
  • Choose whole grain foods more often
  • Choose low glycemic carbohydrate foods
  • Limit refined sugars
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Reduce sodium intake to less than 2300 milligrams
  • Drink plenty water each day
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol

Chapter 4: The No-Fail 12-Week Diet for Permanent Weight Loss

  • Reviewing the Four Keys of the No-Fail Diet
  • The No-Fail Diet Food Groups & Serving Sizes
  • The No-Fail Diet Meal Plans
  • Phase 1: Two Week Quick Start on the No-Fail Diet
  • Phase 2: Sustaining Weight Loss on the No-Fail Diet
    A Six Week Menu Plan
  • Phase 3: Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Chapter 5: The 12-Week No-Fail Fitness Program

  • Your cardio workouts: standard, interval and extended
  • Seven stretching exercises
  • Upper body, lower body and core strength exercises
  • Your fitness program, week by week

Chapter 6: The No-Fail Diet Recipes

Appendix 1: Tracking Tools

  • Daily Food & Activity Tracker
  • 12 Week Fitness Tracker
  • 12 Week Body Measurement Tracker

Appendix 2: Frequently Asked Questions