The Complete Nutrition Guide to Menopause

The Complete Nutrition Guide to Menopause

Now in second printing! Natural Strategies with Diet, Vitamins and Herbs

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Managing Menopause with Diet, Vitamins and Herbs is a must-read for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Perhaps you are experiencing symptoms of perimenopause. Or maybe you are in your post-menopausal years and are concerned about your bones and your heart. Not until now have women been offered expert advice for the peri and post-menopausal years that covers diet, nutrition and supplemental herbs in depth.

Managing Menopause with Diet, Vitamins and Herbs is an essential guide for women who want to:

  • Ease the symptoms of perimenopause, including hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, sexual changes and more
  • Lose weight or prevent weight gain associated with lifestyle habits, advancing age or hormone replacement therapy
  • Reduce the risk of breast cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis

Advance Praise for Managing Menopause:
"A survival guide to healthy living - indispensable advice for women of all ages!" - James F. Balch, MD, co-author of Prescription for Nutritional Healing

"Leslie Beck has done a superb job of rounding up all the latest nutritional information to guide women healthfully through their menopausal years. Not only does she review the current scientific literature and make sense of it - no mean feat - but she also provides you with her expert dietitian's opinion on everything from Vitamin K to Kava Kava. Managing Menopause with Diet, Vitamins and Herbs is a must-have for 40-plus women who want to make informed choices." - June Rogers, contributing Health Editor, Chatelaine magazine

"Finally, a map that women can use to chart their voyage through menopause the natural way." - Marilyn Linton, Health Editor, The Toronto Sun and author of Taking Charge by Taking Care: A Canadian Guide to Women's Health

"Leslie Beck has written the first book that specifically outlines the relationship between nutrition and certain symptoms associated with the peri and post-menopausal years. This book can help alleviate stressful side effects of menopause and lower the risk of disease through diet and nutrition." - Rose Reisman, author of several low-fat cookbooks including Sensationally Light Pasta & Grains