About sage

November 20, 2000 in In Season & Other Fresh Foods

About sage

For most of us, sage means turkey and stuffing. While sage does provide the haunting flavor that makes stuffing taste like stuffing, it's an essential herb in its own right.

Its eucalyptus and mint essence tempers any number of hearty dishes, from country sausage to pork roasts. Many love it even in creamy desserts, particularly when paired with similar seasonings such as cloves.

Sage has a downy texture, a sophisticated gray-green color and perfect surfboard proportions. It tastes like fall just as mint tastes like spring. It marries well with other herbs, not just parsley, rosemary and thyme but also those that have similar pine, mint and camphor qualities such as bay leaf, mint, clove, savory and pine nuts.

Sage was popular in medieval cookery as a seasoning for meat pies and smoke fish salads, often accompanied by ginger or parsley.

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