Coffee unwelcome in the "forbidden city"

December 4, 2000 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Coffee unwelcome in the "forbidden city"

Starbucks latest foray into world coffee domination may have landed them in some hot, er coffee.

Their newest shop in China's Forbidden City in Beijing is meeting with some resistance. For some Chinese, the chain's opening two months ago in the ancient home of China's emperors is an act of American economic and cultural domination in one of their proudest national monuments. And they want them out.

Growing controversy about the Starbucks outlet prompted employees to remove its trademark round green signs from outside the shop. Administrators in charge of the 600-year-old palace were meeting to consider additional steps, which could include revoking Starbucks' one-year lease. However, judging by the more than 100 people who purchase drinks at the coffee shop everyday, plenty are happy with the Forbidden City's newest addition.

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