Think light: try steaming

January 2, 2001 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Think light: try steaming

While cooking techniques such as roasting, grilling and braising continue to be in the low-fat limelight steaming has fallen out of popular favour.

Perhaps a victim of its own virtuous image, steaming sounds too healthy, too boring, too much like deprivation cuisine. But times are changing as all across North America, great chefs are quietly steaming away. And why not? Steaming is a classic way to cook that doesn't require any fat. It produces tender, moist fish, chicken and vegetables, leaving them bright and full of flavor and not waterlogged, as boiling or even poaching does.

Chefs are taking steaming even further today, using unusual liquids, flavoring them with aromatic vegetables and spices and infusing simple foods with a depth of flavor and complexity. Got you steamed up?

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