Paul Newman teams up with McDonalds

March 4, 2003 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Paul Newman teams up with McDonalds

Why would an Oscar-winning actor such as Paul Newman, whose company is known for quality, link with a fast-food chain like McDonald's?

According to Newman "McDonald's is moving in the direction of healthier foods. And we were the first all-natural salad dressing."

The deal could boost Newman's Own profit by 25%, Newman says, and be a boost for charities. Newman gives 100% of his after-tax profit to charity. Since Sept 11, he says his annual requests for donations have jumped to 6,000 from 2,000.

McDonald's is the last of the fast food giants to being selling quality entrée salads. Wendy's was first and Burger King followed.

Analysts say salad sales don't add much to the bottom line but deflect potential "veto votes" from nutrition- or calorie-conscious parents. The Newman tie-in could be a stroke of genius, marketing experts say. Adults admire Newman's acting and his dedication to charity. They also regard Newman's Own products as top quality. McDonald's hopes some of Newman's glow rubs off.

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