Broken promise from McDonald's

June 26, 2003 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Broken promise from McDonald's

Last fall, McDonald's made a landmark decision to change the fat they used to cook their French fries and other deep-fried products. By doing so they would have reduced by almost half the harmful saturated and trans fats found in the French fries. It was a responsible move that had the potential to set the trend for other fast food operations.

Unfortunately, they have yet to keep their promise. The change was supposed to begin in October 2002 and be completed in all 13,000 of the fast food company's US outlets by February of this year (2003). On the last day of February the fast food giant issued a two-paragraph briefing that it "plans to extend the timeframe by which it will introduce a change in cooking oil."

Some believe that the delay is being caused by problems with the taste of the products cooked in the new cooking oil.

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