Magazine caters to low carb dieters

April 1, 2004 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Magazine caters to low carb dieters

It had to happen eventually. First there was the low-carb diet itself followed by the myriad copy-cat books, then surpassed by a groaning shelf of counting-carb cookbooks. It wasn't long after that ‘special’ (read: expensive!) low-carb foods were hitting the supermarket shelves. Now low-carb has even infiltrated the literary world. Is nothing safe from the banishing of the buns? Enter LowCarb Living, a new magazine, out since January and centring on all things carb. Or maybe that should be all things not carb.

Perhaps even more shocking, there is also a low-carb novel, “Cooking for Harry,” by a best-selling author writing under another name, according to her publisher. The publisher is not about to give her secret away either. The author is earmarking the profits from her book for a friend who is in dire need of a financial infusion. It seems that slapping the words "low carb".on the cover of a novel just might be a smart way to tap into the low-carb craze.

‘Cooking for Harry’ apparently has a plot and cast as cheery, mild and mind-numbing as one of the ubiquitous sitcoms you can find on any television channel. Harry and Francie have four nearly grown children and the perfect 40-something life. Their life revolves around great food with Harry as chief cook and bottle washer. Unfortunately years of playing Galloping Gourmet without much galloping has landed Harry at a weight of 269 pounds.

The plot unfolds predictably with a low-carb focus. Enter Atkins, a low-carb support group and the inevitable issues of identity that spring from changing your shape. Shouldn't Dr. Phil have been included here too?

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