Creative cereal bar

December 15, 2004 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Creative cereal bar

Can you imagine going into a cereal shop, picking a cereal and then a topping instead of sitting down to your usual breakfast bowl in the morning? Well, if you live in Philadelphia you can.

The new Cereality Cereal Bar and Cafe is the first cafe-style cereal store in the USA, which could be the start of the next big thing. The cafe opened last week, offering more than 30 kinds of cereals, more than 30 toppings and myriad juices, coffees and milks including soy, all at prices even a student can afford.

At 1,500 square feet the cafe has a breakfast bar, sofas and a farmhouse table that can seat a dozen or so. Behind the counter is what's being called a "Seinfeld-esque" kitchen setting with glass-front cabinets stocked with all-American cereals from Kellogg's, General Mills, Post and Quaker.  Behind the counter, a "cerealogist" decked out in pajamas no less, prepares your order, which can be had a few different ways including:

  • Your Cereal/Your Way: Two scoops of your choice, one topping and milk.
  • Your Cereal/Our Way: Four cold mixtures made up by Cereality and three hot blends in the $3 range. The Apple Brown Betty is the most popular hot cereal, made up of Quaker oatmeal, banana syrup and molasses sugar and topped with streusel and bananas.
  • Your Cereal/A Whole New Way: Any number of smoothies and altered "cerealities", meaning bars, bites and parfaits.
For those who become regulars, there's even a touch screen computer "Invent-a-Blend," where you can punch in your ID number and your regular order will come up over at the counter. All cereals are served in 32-oz. flip-top boxes and the patrons are welcome to wear their pajamas when dining.

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