Tablets, powders, and potions

January 19, 2005 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Tablets, powders, and potions

Whether you sip, gulp or just simply stir it around, there is a trendy drink of the moment to suit every taste. The latest are vitamin “cocktails” that are mixed with effervescent tables and powder packed with vitamin C, zinc and herbs. They are touted, like so many other beverages, as a remedy to boost your immune system.

The product Airborne is a tablet about the diameter of a quarter that dissolves in water. Its ingredients include ginger, Echinacea, zinc, isatis root and 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C. This remedy is sometimes taken five or six times a day and even though it costs less than $1 a dose it still adds up. In profits that is. The 8-year-old business of Victoria Knight-McDowell, the developer of Airborne, is flying high. She projects that the company’s sales will reach $100 million for the financial year that ends in April. That’s a lot of fizz.

Then there is Emer’gen-C, which is sold as an “energy booster” but it also pushed as a cold and flu preventive. It is sold in powder form and each packet contains 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C, B vitamins and various minerals.

As with many products claiming to boost one’s immune system or prevent colds and flu, the jury is out on their true effectiveness. If interested visit and (Emer’gen-C) for more information. Remember to consult with your physician or dietitian before adding any supplements to your diet.

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