A grocery concierge

May 11, 2005 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

A grocery concierge

You may soon be able to streamline your trips to the grocery store, with new touch-screen devices on grocery story carts. Carts will be equipped with a miniature equivalent of a GPS (global positioning satellite system), indicating on a screen where you are in the store, and allowing you to search for the location of items you wish to purchase. You can also prepare your grocery list on your home computer and have it available to you once you log on at the store. The computer system will organize your trip through the aisles.

As you shop, you scan the bar codes on items as you drop them into your cart. When you're finished, the device totals your bill, and you pay through a self-checkout stand or clerk and you�re ready to bag your purchases and load them in your car. The system keeps a log of what you purchase, and promise to offer you special discounts or notifications of sale prices based on your buying habits. Of course, you will also be a prime candidate and captive audience for advertisers.

But don't count on these carts to help you make healthful choices. With all their technological advances, these smart carts are not likely to help you cut calories or fat grams. They are intended to make it easier for you to buy what you want, and for advertisers to show you what they want you to buy.

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