Summer salad ideas

April 14, 2006 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Summer salad ideas
If you grew up with iceberg lettuce and 1000 Islands dressing, it\'s time to learn that salads can be much more exciting! And Ren�e�s Gourmet is ready to help you toss some new salad ideas together.

Ren�e�s Gourmet suggests using their versatile vinaigrettes in a variety of ways: from simply tossing greens, to more substantial main course creations including grilled meats, chicken, pasta and grains. You can use vinaigrettes as marinades when grilling meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables. A spoonful of vinaigrette can perk up steamed rice, pasta and grain-based dishes, or drizzle the vinaigrettes over steamed fish and vegetables.

For easy-to-make, appetizing salad and meal ideas this summer, such as Grilled Peach Salad and Pear Guava Couscous, visit

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