Bottled water for smokers?

October 5, 2006 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends

Bottled water for smokers?

NIC Lite is a new bottled water that contains nicotine, the addictive agent in cigarettes. Currently, the product is not available in Canada, but its distributor says it may be coming to a fridge near you.

Drink a 237 mL bottle of NIC lite, and you won't be consuming any calories, but you will be scarfing back 4 milligrams of nicotine, the amount contained in about two cigarettes. The US Food and Drug Administration recently said this ‘dietary supplement’ is an unapproved drug, and its ‘supplement’ claim violates the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Apparently, Nichonica, the company that markets and sells NIC Lite, is close to having clearance to sell their nicotine water in Canada, and retailers are anxious to have it. The drink reportedly has a hint of lemon flavour, and is intended to allow smokers to satisfy their nic-fits in airports, restaurants and other public buildings where smoking is not allowed. Another ‘benefit’ is that second-hand smoke is non-existent from water-smokers. Other components of cigarettes are also avoided, including tobacco.

Nichonica boasts that nicotine, when not combined with tobacco, is just as safe and non-addictive as caffeine. (?!)

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