US FTC sues diet firm for making false claims

December 9, 2002 in Nutrition Topics in the News

US FTC sues diet firm for making false claims

Federal consumer watchdogs last week filed suit against a San Antonio-based firm they charged used radio disc jockeys in 110 US cities to make false claims about their product as a weight-loss aid.

It is also expected that a federal judge twill sign an order requiring Mark Nutritionals Inc. to strike "weight loss" from the name of its "Body Solutions Evening Weight Loss Formula." The trade commission is asking "responsible media" not to run clearly false advertisements.

Mark Nutritionals officials were not immediately available for comment. The company's Web site directs users to take the formula before bed on an empty stomach and keep a sensible weight loss goal of one to two pounds a week in mind. It also urges potential clients to reduce snacking, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and take one of its own brand of meal replacements in lieu of one high-fat or high calorie meal a day.

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