German brewery develops "anti-aging" beer

January 9, 2004 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends, Nutrition Topics in the News

German brewery develops "anti-aging" beer

A German brewery says it has developed a beer containing vitamins and minerals it says are designed to slow the ageing process. The Neuzeller Kloster Brewery plans to introduce its "Anti-Aging-Bier" this year and sell it in grocery and drug stores, a spokesman for the company said on Friday.

As for the flavour, a spokesman has said it "tastes like beer more than it tastes like anything else." The brewery said the beer contained a host of added ingredients that promote good health.

The German government may object to the brewery calling the drink "beer" since a law dating back to 1516 says beer brewed in Germany can only be made from barley, hops, wheat and water.

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