Airlines offer fitness programs

July 22, 2004 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends, Sports Nutrition and Exercise

Airlines offer fitness programs

Weíre all familiar with the stereotypes surrounding airline food, but have you heard about the new trend in airline fitness?

In an effort to combat deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or "economy class syndrome", airlines such as Delta's new low-cost flyer, Song, will include an in-flight workout program. For $8, Song will provide you with an elastic band, a squeezable ball, and a how-to workout manual by fitness guru Dave Barton. Airliner Jet Blue has extended their in-flight offerings to include pilates along with the yoga their passengers have been doing for several months.

Airline passengers who sit and are inactive for extended periods of time are susceptible to DVT, which is defined as a blood clot in a vein that can result in heart attack or stroke.

Other options for helping to prevent DVT on long flights include walking around every hour, exercising your calf muscles by raising up on your tip toes (hold onto something sturdy if you donít want to get closer to a fellow passenger if you hit turbulence), staying hydrated, and avoiding leg crossing.

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