Counting calories by the bite

October 20, 2004 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends, Weight Management

Counting calories by the bite

Oh, what they won't think of next! Here it is -- the next magic bullet to dieting success. You can eat whatever you want: pasta, pizza, even chocolate cake -- but here's the catch. You can only have a total of 85 bites a day.

Instead of counting carbs, calories or fat grams, dieters on this unorthodox new plan count chomps. And no cheating allowed. A bite has to be a bite. You can't stuff your face like a nut-packing squirrel.

Under the bite diet's 21-day plan ( dieters have two bigger, 18-22 bite meals and two 12-16 bite meals per day. No snacks are allowed. Meals must be balanced and could include a mix of eight bites of protein, six of grain or starches, six of vegetables or fruit and four of dessert (once a day). Alcohol is allowed up to three glasses a week and exercise is not required. Wow!

The plan was devised by Joan Breibart, a Pilates expert and a natural size 6. Enough said. If it sounds gimmicky, it probably is. It's good for a belly laugh though. You may even burn a calorie or two chuckling.

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