Bone health determined by lifestyle factors

June 1, 2005 in Nutrition Topics in the News

Bone health determined by lifestyle factors

Recent study findings suggest that a person’s lifestyle, including diet, exercise habits and reproductive history may have a crucial role in determining bone health as an adult. These findings contradict previous research that has suggested a person’s bone health in mid-life is determined by fetal development and his or her birth weight.

According to these study findings, early lifestyle factors appeared to influence bone size while adult lifestyle factors had more of an impact on bone mineral density. Adult lifestyle factors were found to contribute to bone health among both sexes. Alcohol consumption was found to be associated with men's bone size, and decreased intake of vitamin C was linked to decreased hip bone mineral density in men. In women, more pregnancies were associated with less dense bones in the hip area.

Researchers conclude that regardless of these study findings, parents should ensure that children get enough calcium and vitamin D to promote bone growth in the early years.

Adults should be aware that lifestyle factors such as avoiding smoking and excess alcohol consumption, ensuring regular physical activity and eating a balanced diet rich in calcium may help to maintain bone health. However these measure are not guaranteed to prevent osteoporosis later in life.

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