Medical experts are warning consumers about the potential adverse side effects of popular energy drinks. While many of these beverages claim to increase energy and feelings of exuberence, medical experts suggest that they can cause severe dehydration due to their high sugar and caffeine content. Very high intakes of caffeine can also increase blood pressure.

Of even more concern is the growing trend of consuming energy drinks with alcohol. Alcohol is already known to cause dehydration, but when mixed with a high-caffeine energy drink, dehydration can occur more rapidly and severly. Energy drinks can also mask the effects of alcohol, falsely leading a person to believe they are not as inebriated as they think.

Medical experts are also concerned about the lack of long-term studies considering the safety of some of the ingredients included in the beverages.

According to Health Canada, some energy drinks may have to be regulated as natural health products under the Natural Health Product (NHP) Regulations. Under these regulations, products have to undergo a review process for their quality and safety. Currently, only Red Bull Energy Drink is authorized for sale as a natural health product in Canada and bears a natural health product number (NPN). The safety of other energy drinks available in Canada have not yet been evaluated under these regulations.

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