More news that coffee is good for you

August 10, 2005 in Cancer Prevention, Nutrition Topics in the News

More news that coffee is good for you

According to the latest research findings, your morning cup of coffee may actually lower your risk of liver cancer by over 40 percent.

The study, conducted by researchers from Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan, found that men and women who were habitual drinkers of coffee were 29 percent less likely to develop liver cancer than occasional coffee drinkers. In comparison to people who never drank coffee, habitual drinkers were 42 percent less likely to develop the disease.

These findings, based on over 60, 000 participants, add to a large body of conflicting research on the potential health effects of coffee. Some studies have linked coffee drinking to a lower risk of Parkinson's disease and diabetes, while other research suggests caffeine can send up blood pressure levels.

If further research confirms that coffee does indeed offer some protection from liver cancer, researchers noted that it would be important to figure out which compounds in the beverage are responsible.

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