100 calorie snacks: can you eat just one?

August 17, 2005 in Food Companies, Manufacturing and Trends, Weight Management

100 calorie snacks: can you eat just one?

They're all over the shelves in the US, and becoming more prevalent in Canada: 100-calorie snacks.

While snacks around the 100-150 calorie range are not new, the marketing smarts behind this trend involves packaging products in smaller size(and sometimes reformulating) to fit under the 100-calorie "healthy" snack bar. With puny portions, one has to question whether such snacks as Cadbury Thin bars www.chocolate.ca and Pringles 100 Calorie Packs www.pringles.com will catch on. What would you prefer? A sliver of chocolate or a dozen chips? If you're content to stop at that, great!

Treat yourself, "guilt-free" as the advertising suggests. Watch out though... these empty calorie snacks could tempt you reach for another by triggering cravings.

Of course, 100 calories worth of chocolate, chips, cookies or crackers is better than 400 calories worth. But keep in mind that a decent sized portion of fruit and nuts, veggies and dip or yogurt and granola will satisfy your appetite more in the long run, help stave off cravings, and provide extra nutrients.

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