Fruit, fibre protect against second hand smoke

August 31, 2005 in Cancer Prevention, Nutrition Topics in the News

Fruit, fibre protect against second hand smoke

According to recent study findings, fruit and soy fibre appear to offer protection from chronic cough in adults who were exposed to second-hand smoke as children. Researchers found that individuals who lived with a smoker during childhood were more than twice as likely to suffer from a chronic cough as adults. However, of these adults, those who ate even a small amount of fruit fibre experienced a decrease in cough.

The 35, 000 study participants were all from Singapore, where the majority of fibre intake is from fruits, vegetables and soy. Adults, who ate more than 7.5 grams of fibre, the equivalent of about two apples, had fewer health problems associated with the environmental tobacco smoke from childhood.

Earlier studies have linked fruit consumption to lower incidence of chronic respiratory symptoms. There is also evidence to show that dietary vitamins, like vitamin C, can protect children's respiratory health.

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