Safe seafood choices

January 6, 2006 in Food Safety, Healthy Eating

Safe seafood choices

Finding fish with minimal chemical contamination may soon be as simple as reading a label. Fish is protein rich and heart healthy, but after numerous reports citing contamination with environmental pollutants, such as mercury and PCBs, have left consumers wondering which seafood is a safe choice.

Seafood Safe is a new voluntary fish-labeling program for companies, retailers and restaurants. It uses certified, independent laboratories to test for environmental pollutants, particularly mercury and PCBs, in fish. Seafood Safe labels indicate how many meals consumers can consume of the product each month without being exposed to dangerous levels of contaminants. The labels use standards derived from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. Seafood Safe was founded in early 2005 by Henry Lovejoy, president of  EcoFish, a New Hampshire-based company that produces frozen fish dinners using sustainably harvested seafood and available at natural food stores.

The program will be launched to the fish industry this year.

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