Decline of health among Canadian baby boomers

February 24, 2006 in Nutrition Topics in the News

Decline of health among Canadian baby boomers

A new report released by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is asking whether 60 is the new 70 for baby boomers.

The Annual Report on Canadians Health reveals a trend towards a decrease in health of baby boomers. The report suggests Canadians who are now turning 60, may be the first generation to experience a decline in quality if life.

As a result of increasing obesity rates and lack of exercise, this generation may cutting their life expectancy short. Compared to ten years ago, the obesity rates have soared by nearly 60 percent, while 52 percent are inactive. The Heart and Stroke Foundation emphasizes the importance of a healthy weight combined with regular physical activity when people enter the prime age for heart disease and stroke.

For more information, please visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation website

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